During the six months of the year when the courses aren't running the school becomes a peaceful retreat for those looking for a tranquil place in which to unwind or focus their creative energies.

Artists, songwriters, poets, playwrights, creative people of all genres are welcome to come and enjor the serenity of this beautiful part of the world.

We are easily reached from Bangkok, either by the one-hour flight with PBair to Roi Et, or the luxury coach (seven hours) to Kasetwisia.

The buildings are neo-classical in design, influenced by my second home in Greece.

The house is built around a Quadrangle, tastefully surrounded by Greek columns, and containing a large pool with ornamental fish.

The bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms with wash-basin, shower, and toilet, and open through French windows onto the open countryside.

The gardens are extensive and contain a lake full of fish, (which you are welcome to try and catch!!) , and there is a lake-house built in Thai style reached by a footbridge, where it's wonderful to sit peacefully and watch the herons and astonishingly beautiful butterflies.

You are welcome to use all the facilities of our studio, and you can keep in touch with the outside world with our satellite internet connection if you must!

You will enjoy the wonderful Thai cuisine prepared by my Thai wife, Punnee. Breakfast and evening meal are included.

And to top it all, you can avail yourselves of the services of our Thai Masseuse.

A perfect place to relax.

Please contact us for further details.

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