Gypsy Dave came to sculpture through the very talented and famous English Sculptor David Wynne OBE , who gave him personal tuition and a hand in casting his very early sculptures (1968-1971).

Gypsy Dave was involved in the music business with his dear friend Donovan , from 1963 - 1971. He had songs recorded by various artists and his song "Tangier" was used extensively in the famous film "Castaway", starring Oliver Reed and Amanda Donohoe.

It was through his interest in music that he discovered the importance and power of creativity on the world, a knowledge which he transferred and transubstantiated into his sculptures.

His form are light and ethereal, but deep with meaning, just like the musical notes. With his art he has captured the fluidity of the Aegean sea and atmosphere and has embedded it into his works.

He had works in the early 70's in Gordons Gallery, Wimbledon; The Fulham Gallery, Fulham Rd.; Doves Gallery, Norwich; The Welsh House Gallery, N. Wales.
Gypsy Dave Biography

Gypsy Dave also has works in private collection in England, America, Germany, Wales and now in Paros.

He came to Paros in 1979 to sculpt, but instead he wrote a children's book, entitled "Sandy Lea", for which Rita Schmeiser painted the illustrations.

They found an old fallen down farm house together and spent twelve beautiful years in Paros restoring it.

Finally, in 1997 Gyp got down to his sculpture again, when he threw himself into carving marble: "A totally different kettle of fish from modelling in clay; I think I am just beginning to get the hang of it", he says.

Gypsy Dave, in his private works, is taking the hard and painful route through marble to create bronze pieces: "You arrive at places that wet clay modelling would never take you", he says.

He has sculptures in private collections on Paros, the most revered of which is titled: "Cycladic Sphere", made from Naxos marble and owned by the well known and esteemed Surgeon, John Polyzoides. This work is nearly 90 cm across and carved from one block.

Gypsy Dave also takes on public commissions,

"It is very satisfying to get sculptures back on the streets where it was originally intended to be; this is the beauty of bronze, it can be shared with the world through a limited edition", is his comment.

Gypsy Dave takes on commissions in Marble or Bronze for, as he says: "the joy of the learning process that other people's dreams have on my work".

If you wish to learn about Gypsy Dave's earlier adventures as a 'wild young man' you can read about his exploits in his friend Donovan's autobiography, "The Hurdy Gurdy Man" , published in paperback in May 2006, by Arrow Books.

Gypsy Dave now spends most of his time in Thailand with his beautiful wife Punnee, whom he married in March 2006, where he developed his School of Sculpture, which is now open.

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